Breakfast Sandwich Tray

Breakfast Sandwich Tray

Breakfast Sandwich Tray

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About This Item

Wake up to a delicious variety of breakfast sandwiches! Our Breakfast Sandwich Tray includes six DLM all-butter croissants filled with traditional combos using only local organic eggs. You’ll find croissants filled with the following combinations: bacon, egg, and cheese; ham, egg and cheese; and egg and cheese. Alongside we’ll also include our best-selling breakfast quesadillas filled with bacon, egg, and cheese as well as chorizo, egg, and cheese. These classic breakfast sandwiches and quesadillas are able to be enjoyed with convenience and are so appetizing you may have to take two! Order a Breakfast Sandwich Tray for the perfect addition to your next breakfast meeting, brunch, or get together!


Place sandwich in microwave safe container or plate and microwave for 30 to 60 seconds or until hot.


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